El Mawardy jewelry is a privately-owned family-centric business run by the three Mawardy brothers.

The El Mawardy journey began in 1980 in a small workshop in Khan el Khalili, centered in the heart of all that is art in Cairo. The workshop started off creating custom perfumes for tourists visiting from all around the world and a variety of antiquities and then later expanded into the jewelry business.

Upon graduating from university, the brothers inherited the workshop in Khan el Khalili along with 6kgs of gold and silver, where they were left on their own to run the business as they see fit.

At the beginning of their journey, the Mawardy brothers travelled to Italy to learn more about jewelry and all of its components. They started off as a retailer, buying Italian designs and selling them in Egypt. Thereafter, upon learning everything they needed to know about jewelry, they opened their first factory in the 90s, where they manufactured their own designs.


In 2010, they opened the state-of-the-art Abou Rawash factory. The Abou Rawash factory , which spans over 2000 sqm, is equipped with the most advanced technologies, most notably 3D printers and laser machines. The factory has a variety of operations running side by side from gold refining to repairing broken precious stones.

In the span of just over 40 years, the Mawardys became a common household name, gained a solid foothold in the Arab region’s jewelry market. They have truly walked the line from start to finish, gaining the ins and outs of the jewelry business. Their unparalleled quality and flawless execution continues to leave them unmatched. Moving beyond the traditional duties of leading one of the most coveted jewelry brands, El Mawardy brothers also refine, produce, import and export gold bars through their sister company, Bullion Trading Company.

The Mawardy brothers are continuing a legacy in the arts that has been passed down from generations and that they themselves will continue to pass on to the upcoming generations. To keep in line with the latest trends, the second generation is ploughing in to bring a fresh set of new eyes into the business, to further ensure that they remain the number one jewelry brand in Egypt.
First El Mawardy Branch in the Heart of Khan El Khalili

First El Mawardy Branch in the Heart of Khan El Khalili

El Mawardy Branches


In 1996, the Mawardys opened their first branch in Mohandessin. 25 years later, we have expanded to branches all across Egypt – gaining the title of the highest number of branches in the jewelry market

El Mawardy is a pioneer in the jewelry field.
-First people to bring overseas designs to Egypt
-First business to open up a factory that is equipped with latest technologies
-First to set the revolutionary invisible setting and repair any broken stones that result from it
We stand out due to our unrivaled quality, which has allowed us to grow a strong customer base founded on loyalty and consistency.
We provide the finest materials at very competitive production prices. Our diamonds are top-notch, providing D-E-F, color clean and VVS clarity diamonds.
We’re always at the forefront of innovation. On the design level, we can fulfill all of your specs and have all customized orders within two weeks.
Besides our technical skills, our human resources are what is pushing us across borders. We have at our possession more than 200 trained specialists at all lines of businesses.
Specifically, we have arguably the most professional sales people in the industry.
At El Mawardy, we are committed to fulfill all of your needs, and are prepared to go over and beyond your expectations.
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